Our Story

From our table to your table

Humble beginnings

We are a large family born and raised in a tiny town with only 20,000 residents in the beautiful countryside of La Pampa, Argentina. 

Our love for the farm became our job and family routines around our family’s cattle farming and stockbreeding. Horses, chickens, and cattle; we breed, work, and enjoy this amazing life surrounded by nature, peace, and the best quality of life we could ever ask for.  


As part of our farming activities, we would like to share with you our favorite table pieces. Those we use when we get together with our loved ones to enjoy a nice meal in contact with nature, and those that will bring our most beautiful childhood memories one more time.


As a family with traditions, these items are part of our memories, those shared with our grandparents, cousins, and family gatherings. Celebrations, informal breakfasts, weekend lunches, and afternoon snack times under the trees in the summer. 

These traditions are part of our history and are carried from past generations. This time, we would love to share them with you, from our family to yours, from this generation to the next. 

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